Staff Handbook

Minimises workplace disputes and legal risk with a bespoke collection of Policies, Procedures’, and practices. 

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Policies & Procedures

Designed for Businesses

This book was designed to guide employees and workers on social media policy, IT & Communications, Disciplinary Procedure, Privacy/Data Protection, Expenses, Flexible Working, Holiday, Absence Policy and much more. impelmenting this book is a sign of good practice and helps to avoid any legal risk that could raise in the work place

Staff Handbook

Minimise The Legal Risk And Workplace Disputes with Bespoke Staff handbook.
  • Expenses Policy
  • Dress Code & Appearance
  • IT & Communications
  • Privacy Policy/GDPR
  • Holiday policy
  • Equal opportunities policy.
  • Maternity/Paternity policy.
  • Flexible working policy.
  • Social Media Policy
  • Disciplinary and capability procedure
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Plus Much more.

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